We feel printing out to the screen is the most exciting aspect of programming, as a result we specialize in researching and developing software solutions built around a rich 3D visual identity.

3D or 2D Rendering can bring software to life in amazing ways but can sometimes be daunting. Whether you are trying to build a fluid dynamics simulation, create a cool Augmented Reality(AR) experience or just need some help with your game project chances are we can help. 


Seeing ideas turn from concept to reality is exhilarating.

Depiction Engine showcase



An ambitious Open Source engine capable of handling the different aspects of large world building. From acquiring and parsing the data to generating and rendering the geometry, the engine offers a framework that streamline’s otherwise complex processes . 

Whether it is to procedurally generate planets in a video game or visualize geographic information, the goal of the engine is to democratize the creation of large and visually complex projects.

As our need for understanding, communication or creativity grows, so should the tools we use to satisfy those needs, the depiction engine is here to help materialize some of these growing aspirations.

3D / 2D Graphics Programming

If you love 3D and are full of good ideas but forgot all about linear algebra. If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear spherical harmonics is that it sounds like some kind of indie band or wonder what kind of foliage comes out of an octree, no worries we’ve got your back with the expertise you need.

Geographic Information System

We have extensive exposure to Geographic Spatial Data in vector or raster format. Whether it is digital elevation model, satellite imagery or OpenStreetMap features.

Security monitored digital twin building.



Developing a system that would display Internet of Things(IoT) device(s) in a custom 3D Digital Twin environment was only a part of this large scale electronic surveillance project.

Built to present security surveillance operators with rich contextual information of all kinds, the system had to accommodate large sites such as airports, stadiums or even smart cities.

See how we helped our client research and develop this full security solution.

Digital Twin

Digital Twins are synchronized virtual representations of things, people or processes, by being digital they provide us with new opportunities to better visualize, simulate, optimize or interact with their real world counterpart. Some examples might include tackling climate change by developing better earth simulation models or optimizing factories efficiency by coupling Digital Twins with IoT. When we lift some of the constraints of the physical world the possibilities are endless, join us on this journey to ‘virtualization’.

3D Editor

What is 3D without a proper editing interface? We’ve had the opportunity to work on multiple 3D editing software such as configurators for product customization or Computer-Aided Design(CAD) for geometry modeling. From easily transforming objects in 3D space to exposing their fields for manipulations we have a pretty good grasp on what makes a good User Experience(UX).