The Depiction Engine is an Open Source project centered around the creation or generation of large 3D scenes for projects of all kinds.

Create a star system full of fictional procedural planets or an Augmented Reality(AR) map, let your creativity take over and develop novel video game or interactive multimedia experiences.

Develop geographic information system(GIS) by integrating and visualizing data from different sources such as Mapbox, MapTiler, Esri, Google, OpenStreetMap etc. into a single cohesive project. Build Digital twins for business applications or scientific simulations.


Scalability, customizability and ease of use.


  • Transform
    • Geographic Coordinate (latitude, longitude, altitude) transforms allows for the placement of objects on a spherical planet’s surface in a more intuitive way.
  • Planet / Map
    • Create 3D Planets or 2D Maps and switch between 3D and 2D seamlessly.
    • Built-in components such as ‘Star System’ and ‘Orbit controller’ can be used together to position fictional or real solar system planets into orbit.
  • Object
    • Pre-load or stream data using built-in ‘Loader’ components that can be configured in a variety of ways. The ‘Loader’ components also provides you with a framework to asynchronously parse data and use it to instantiate objects of all types. Objects that fall out of a ‘Loader’ scope are automatically disposed.
    • Persistence mechanics keep track of changes made to an object’s fields within the editor and prevent the loaders from auto disposing objects containing out of sync fields. Out of sync object fields can also be pushed / synced to their respective datasource(File system, REST…) through a unified persistence interface.
    • Integrated Pooling mechanics ensure that objects are recycled whenever possible to minimize memory allocation and costly create / destroy operations that could negatively impact performance.
  • Shader

Javascript Support

The Javascript interface exposes most of the functionalities of the Depiction Engine to Javascript allowing you to develop visually rich WebGL projects using browser native technologies.